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kdjsjk i thought i had nsfw rights bc i'm 18 now but my own post has disappeared lol

every time i send a letter i have a Big Dumb moment while riding my bike home where i go “Oh Boy! I wonder if it’s arrived yet!” like no dumbass it’s been less than two minutes what did you think was gonna happen

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hey wateryall

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sorry to do this especially with being so inactive lately but me and my bf really could do with some money rn so i would appreciate any donations to my ko-fi

lil explanation below but tl;dr the police screwed us over and we dont have a lot of options

  • basically the police stormed our trafalgar square camp last night 
  • we managed to find a place to stay but we dont have enough money to get around london
  • we have a coach booked to get us back up north on sunday but we dont have the money to change the booking so even thats not an option
  • me n my bf are both coordinators so really we need to be at the camp making sure everyone else is alright
  • basically we need money for food and transport for the next week but we dont have enough and we dont really have a way of getting enough
  • any donations yall can give are reallt appreciated
  • i love you all and i promise ill be more active after this week 💕

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good morning everyone! what a perfect day to cherish trans men

if u have thick hair or sensitive skin n get rashes or ingrowns from shaving, i just started using the coles brand 5 blade shavers n my skin is the smoothest, softest shit 2 have ever graced this earth 

sitting in class, encased in bubble wrap, perfectly still out of fear that tin tin will end my bloodline

oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh boy! oh boy, oh b-

submitting my essay 564 words short of the minimum word count and over three months late! wish me luck!

just bought some hair pomade n you KNOW i’m gonna b rocking that draco malloy look

my body b like "waaaaAAAh eeeeeeeee H ! ???? ohohohop!!! shakaey tiime?!?!?"

pro tip: you can have a very flexible definition of a tonic n your drink will probably still taste good 

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anyways stan jimmy urine mindless self indulgence

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usually i'm a "use the same canvas tote bag until you're unable 2 patch it back together" but this bag,,,,, has stolen my heart

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Dude if you got pics, if love to see the heart stealing bag`

corky -

this guy! i was looking 4 something similar 2 one i saw in a bestdressed youtube vid, n i think i found the exact make? i don't own any bags except 4 a school one n an art tote so i thought it'd b a rly cool statement belt n bag in one :^)

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Why do I only have two moods? "Haven't eaten in 12 hours" and "ate way too much too goddamn fast".