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beeperinobeep asked:

kajdfhgkhadfjgh idk if ur still doing that one ask meme but if you are 🌴🌾🍂

i am bro!!! B^)

🌴- tried is the key word,,,, i genuinely thought i was going 2 grow a huge ass tree overnight from a plum stone. i was like 4 though

🌾 - i have! i used onion weeds, there were a lot of them @ my first school - i didnt actually make many baskets but what i did make was a lot of whips - so much so that i made a v short lived business out of plaited onion weed whips before i was put in detention 4 resourcing a fight ring 4 my yr yknow

🍂 - yeah bro i love honeysuckle, gum trees n pattersons curse, 4 the following reasons: honey, smells like home n Purple 

crownedwithwisteria asked:


🍏 - blueberries, mango n kiwifruiit my dude - best combination in existence, no one can change my mind B^)

🍓 - just answered this bad boy here

🌷 - i love pattersons curse bro,,,,, purple. purple fields. that shits tight

mcatnip asked:

🌿 🍃!! 

🌿 - just answered this one my dude!

🍃 - i'd love 2 actually have a proper garden - lot of herbs tbh? rly like fresh seasoning when i cook, so that'd b cool. plus tomatos bc i'm a spanish bitch yknow - i'd love 2 grow mushrooms but i have no idea how!! other than that i'm not sure, but we'll see how things turn out when i get my own space :^)

akumaspiders asked:


🍓 - i have!! not in ages though, i'd love 2 go again - my favourite stalls r the honey ones, closely followed by berries or ppl who sell other fresh fruit 

stop asked:


🍁 - i do like autumn!! it's a little disappointing in my country (soggy, no changing colour leaves) but 4 some reason i rly like the way it smells? also its the time of yr when i've got my easiest exams so it's like,,,, a good chill mood

🌱- i don't but i'd love 2! i do have some rly low maintenance honeysuckle but i'm not sure that counts as ""growing"" anything if i planted it over a decade ago n its just done its own thing since - i'd love 2 grow flowers!! (rly tempted 2 pinch some pattersons curse from the side of the road on my next drive out 2 the country n just let that weed run wild lol) plus some veggies, like tomatos n snowpeas :^)

🌿 - gotta be rosemary!! i don't like 2 put it in dishes bc i don't like the texture, but it smells so good n takes no care @ all 2 grow - we have 2 regularly chop our 2 rosemary bushes down 2 practically bare bc they grow like a big hedge n block the windows

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plant/nature/something emoji ask game

crownedwithwisteria -

🍎 - Have you ever visited an orchard? 

🍏 - What are your top three favorite fruits?

🍐 - What are your three least favorite fruits?

🍇 -  Have you ever made jam, jelly, or preserves from fresh produce?

🍒 - Are there any fruits or vegetables or other edible plants you could snack on all day and never get tired of?

🍓 - Have you ever visited a farmer’s market? If you grow things, have you ever sold at one?

🌰 - Are there any nut trees you’ve noticed in your area? What are they? 

🌱 - Do you grow any plants? If so, where (garden? potted plants? allotment?) and what do you grow? If not, do you ever plan to? 

🌲 - Do you have any fond memories specifically involving trees?

🌳 - Do you like the woods? Have you ever hiked or camped in them?

🌴 - Have you ever tried to grow a tree from a seed?

🌵 - Do you like succulents and/or cacti? Do you have a favorite?

🌷 - Do you have a favorite flower?

🌸 - Do you have any flowering trees in your area? When do they bloom?

🌹 - Have you ever planted flower bulbs?

🌺 - Do you have a favorite tropical flower?

🌻 - Do you eat plant seeds, such as sunflower, watermelon, or pumpkin seeds? If so, how do you eat them?

🌼 - Do you dry, press, or otherwise preserve flowers and other plants?

🌽 - Have you ever shucked an ear of corn?

🌾- Have you ever tried to weave a basket from plants before? If so, what did you use? If not, would you ever be interested in trying?

🌿 - What’s your favorite scented plant? Is it an herb? A flower? What do you like about it?

🍀 - Is finding four-leaf clovers easy or hard for you?

🍁 - Do you like autumn? 

🍂 - Are there any plants you have a soft spot for?

🍃 - Do you have any future plant/garden ambitions/plans/goals? 

🍄 - What’s the feelings on mushrooms? Do you like them? Do you eat them? Would you ever try to grow your own?

🍅 - How do you eat your tomatoes? Do you snack on cherries? Only eat them cooked and in other dishes? Eat entire beefsteak tomatoes raw directly out the garden?

🍆 - Are there any edible plants you physically cannot stand and refuse to eat?

🍉 - Do you eat your watermelon with salt or without?

🍊 - Do you like the smell of citrus?

🍍 - Have you ever tried to grow things from store produce?

🎃 - Do you like carving pumpkins?  

🎄 - What plants do you, personally, consider festive/celebratory? 

☔ - What’s the climate like in your area? 

🌙 - Have you ever seen a night-blooming flower?

bitches b like “i am worthy of love” n they’re right. 

one of the kids i work w has a fascination w lipstick n he gets real excited when i or anyone else around the office wears some n today he came in w the biggest grin n proudly shows off 2 me his lipstick painted smile - it’s on his teeth and smudged a little (he’s five years old so what do you expect) but it made my day 2 see him so happy 2 be allowed 2 wear what he wanted

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hhhhhh yeah i've been super excited 4 this party 4 several weeks but now i'm considering not going bc i'm 2 self conscious w a mix of dyphoria n dysmoprhia lol i am incredibly ugly compared 2 everyone attending n no one will want 2 talk 2 me yikes

paint flowers on my skin n call me baby

grand theft gravy

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corky -

ok whats that mbmbam thing bc i'm mildly interested 

mcatnip -

three brothers answer questions in the least helpful way possible 

they started with just yahoo answers, then started taking questions from the audience 

you can search for mbmbam highlights on youtube, listen to a few (hundred) if you're not sure

corky -

i'm watching an out of context one n i didnt realise they were the .......you know ;)

some teachers go on n on about how they can’t give their personal opinion on things, especially other staff members, but the vice principal causes mine 2 rant loudly, hit there heads against the table n cry about scaling, turn of the PA when he comes on air n close their eyes n breathe very heavily when his name is mentioned

me n my maths teacher swapping shortbread recipes is the sort of bisexuals supporting bisexuals thing we need more of

ok whats that mbmbam thing bc i'm mildly interested